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ATTENTION: If you see a black screen, press P and the game should continue as normal. If the ball stays at the top or the bottom of the screen, move the paddle a little as you hit the ball.

CHROME USERS: Play the game here: http://plokdev.itch.io/overdesigned-pong-webgl?secret=R73th2zMhWQWFNuIdOj6uksDPVA Expect shit performance and bugged graphics.

P to start the game, W and D (or up and down) to move, q to restart.

Single player only. Sorry about that. The game runs worse than it should, due to the the sheer number of particle effects and lights. I'll add controller support in the next few days.

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Published 2 years ago
Tagsjuice, juicy, Ludum Dare, pong